Thursday, May 27, 2010

Professor Jeffrey Sachs Schooled by Hugh Hendry

This video only sort of scratches the surface of why I love Hugh Hendry. Unfortunately, his insight is limited by having to share time with two others. What the video does display is another example of full ignorance of our academia. I don't know what rock Jeffrey Sachs just crawled out from under but he has definitely not been living in the real world. I was discussing Greece (as were many others) last summer. This didn't come from no where and neither will the collapse from Europe no matter what rock you want to hide behind. To claim this is a 10 week story is preposterous!!!!! That is like claiming America started in 1994. Forget the American revolution, the Civil War, the Great Depression, Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. We are not connected to what happened before at all.

Greece just woke up one day and had a crises.

Enjoye the video and weep for our intellectual elite that continue to steer us towards disaster.

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