Thursday, February 3, 2011

Republicans - Already a Failure

That didn't take long. From Bloomberg

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan announced plans today to cut government spending by $35 billion from last year’s levels as Republicans backed away from campaign promises to slash expenditures more deeply.


The government’s deficit is projected to reach $1.5 trillion this year.


Republicans promised in their “Pledge to America” issued during the 2010 midterm campaign to roll back non-security discretionary spending to pre-Obama 2008 levels, which would have saved $100 billion compared to what the administration proposed last year in its budget request. Republicans scaled back their plans largely because the government’s fiscal year is almost half over.

The plan amounts to a rejection of calls by the Republican Study Committee, a bloc of self-described fiscal conservatives who had demanded party leaders stick to plans to cut $100 billion this fiscal year. Democrats said the scaled-back cuts still went too far.

$35 billion cut? We are running a 1.5 trillion deficit, total appropriations budget is 1.055 trillion, the total government budget is 3.7 trillion and the Republicans are declaring a victory on 35 billion cut? That is a freaking rounding error!!!

The tea partiers have already been marginalized by the establishment. They are great freinds of the Republicans when it is popular to be so and put in the corner when what they stand for actually becomes an issue. While we don't need Egypt it will take some massive protests to really get things changing.

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