Thursday, December 18, 2008

Discussing the Markets with Jeremy Grantham and Bob Rodriguez

Interesting roundtable discussion that included Jeremy Grantham and Bob Rodriguez. You can get the gist from the article interview but the videos on the right of the screen are much better in my opinion. Thanks goes to Pete.

The stakes are high whenever you invest, but they're extra high when you're managing your money amid a historic financial mess and record volatility.

For advice equal to the task - in a setting chosen to inspire thoughts of security - we invited five champion fund managers to sit down inside a massive underground vault that's now part of a restaurant a block from Wall Street: Bob Rodriguez of First Pacific Advisors, who manages the FPA Capital and New Income funds; Susan Byrne, who heads Westwood Holdings Group; Leslie Christian, president and chief investment officer of Portfolio 21 Investments; Tom Forester, manager of the Forester Value fund; and Jeremy Grantham, chairman of asset manager GMO

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