Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buffett On What He Was Doing A Year Ago

Nothing new on the market. High yields continues to rally (spreads tighten), very little signs of a top. Retail sales numbers were great today with all the government stimulus (no surprise at all) but credit card deliquences were horrible (which was suprising). Either way, it doesn't matter. Market is powering higher.

In the meantime it is interesting to read a year later all the phone calls Warren Buffett was receiving the weekend Lehman went down. Interesting video/read.


This was the funniest part:

Buffett reveals that 10 months later, with the help of his tech-savvy daughter Susan, he discovered a number of voice-mail messages on his cell phone from that weekend, including one from Diamond.

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Mrs. Watanabe said...

Warren's story sounds like total crap to me.