Monday, January 18, 2010

Market Thoughts

I have been saying that I think at least some sort of mini correction is coming. It may be a start of much more but at least some sort of down move is coming. I also previously indicated I thought it will start in the second or third week of January. Friday it may have started. Intel had blow out numbers with record margins. The stock got hit hard. JP Morgan had "good" headline numbers but you pealed back the onion and the numbers stunk. JP Morgan got hit hard. The whole market was down on heavy volume. Citigroup reports tomorrow. If those numbers disappoint in anyway, watch out. Housing numbers come out this week and next (what I think are the important numbers are next week) but I really think those have a chance to be brutal. Everyone is bullish and complacency is running sky high. The gigantic uptrend from March still has no been broken by all indexes, notably the Dow Jones, if that breaks down it may be the beginning of something bigger.

Later this week, I will be headed back to Lousiania. I have been working on these private deals which changes up my work schedule and posting schedule up alot.

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