Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Day to Take Note Of

Very very interesting day today. I thought so during the day today and was reading some commentators tonight who thought so as well. The first prints of the day I covered some shorts and towards the end of the day I put half of it back on. Yes, that was a bad short term trade but the reversal today was amazing in ALMOST ALL asset classes. In technical terms hammers in the NASDAQ, S&P, gold, silver, copper, VIX etc.

Tomorrow will tell you alot. If we don't follow through to the downside it is ignorable but if we start selling off confirming today's price action it could get really interesting.

Today's news of course was the president became Republican showing there really isn't much difference between two parties. Republicans won today, Democrats won today, and America got screwed. You have to cut spending on the other side of it and the bond market noticed that didn't happen. Maybe that is when this all finally blows to bits, when the bond market sells off hard causing interest rates to spike. Typically bonds and stocks move inversely. That hasn't really happened this year. Bonds went way down looking like the economy was going to crunch while stocks continued to climb. However, when the game is up, both can go down. Look at Spain. Bonds go way down and stocks go down with it. There is some differences since Spain can't print its own money.

Anyway, today was a day to take notice of. Very interesting and tomorrow will tell you alot.

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