Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More of the Same

Strong day on Wall St. I wasn't surprised that we were up (was expecting it yesterday with the start of a new month and Europe being sold hard the last few days), but as usual I was surprised how fercious the up move was. Because it was so strong it puts the odds that the market has higher to go. First watch 1227ish and than 1250. That is if the market doesn't reverse tomorrow, which could still happen. The reason we were up so strong is very suspect. Many are credited the "strong" China number last night which doesn't make alot of sense because the futures yawned at the number and the Chinese markets finshed flat. It started with Europe and unlike when Europe sells off hard and the U.S. markets shrug it off, when Europe surges it gives an excuse for the U.S. to surge. So up up and away we went. ADP employment numbers were strong but annouced layoffs were the highest they have been in 8 months. There was also a rumor that the U.S. would bail out Europe which was quickly denied.

I think the market continues to rest on Europe first and China second. If the problem spreads to where Spain has to be bailed out - game is up. The question is which game. Will Germany buckle and allow the ECB to start its own version of QE or will haircuts be taken on debt, losses taken, and we revert back to some sort of capitalism? More and more thoughts on some sort of QE in Europe.

Tomorrow the ECB meets and it is likely the bears only hope for the remaining of this year. The market seems to be indicating that it is expecting some form of signal that the ECB will loosen up buy more government debt. It is entirely unclear that will indeed happen. If it doesnt and the Euro starts heading down again, than todays rally should reverse tomorrow somewhat. Not really expecting it will but we will see. Someone was out there today buying European debt today and it almost had to be the ECB.

Gotten a few comments that I havent been blogging as much lately, and I haven't. I have been really busy but it is getting really old talking about the same thing over and over again. This is bad but it doesn't matter because the government will print more money. The last couple of weeks the market should have been down really strong with Europe falling apart but it wasn't. Probably bullish in the near term. The market won't start going down strong until something happens outside of Bernankes control. That will come from politicias, the populace, or an oustide nation (i.e. China). Like I said - if tomorrow the market doesn't reverse, the odds are strong that the market heads higher between now and year end.

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