Friday, May 23, 2008

Ira W. Sohn Investment Research Conference

Every year some of the best investors give presentations at the Ira W. Sohn Conference. The are now numerous articles out there. This one goes through all the speakers and a very short paragraph on what they pitched. Thanks goes to Pete.

This was one of my favorite because it was so random.

*Carl Icahn: support his dissident proxy slate at Yahoo Inc and don't support Democrat Barack Obama. "I personally think he'd be a terrible president!"

Just totally random. I thought it was funny.

This is probably my last post until next Tuesday unless I see something interesting over the next couple of hours. I am about to head out for the long weekend. Hope everyone has a good one!!


Mikey said...

Re Icahn and Obama. As soon as I read the comment, I checked to see if Icahn is Jewish, and he is.

Justin said...

I don't get it - Jews don't want Obama to get elected?