Thursday, November 13, 2008

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In my world there was an event of high importance on capitol hill. The hedge funds testimony. Watching the questioning by some of individuals on the committee in Congress made me sick. They are so clueless and it is very concerning to know these jokers are the ones controlling our country trying to find solutions for this current mess. There is a reason that billionaires were answering the questions versus asking the question. The politicians are often times the ones who can't make it elsewhere.

All the hedge fund managers gave opening statements. Some of them fascinating. Below are videos if you missed it and would like to watch. These guys are a whose who of the industry.

George Soros

James Simons of Renaissance - I thought an important point he made was that hedge funds leverage is controlled by their lenders unlike the investment banks.

John Paulson of Paulson & Co.

Philip Falcone of Harbinger Capital

Kenneth Griffin of Citadel Investments Group

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