Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daily Show Goes Off on CNBC

This is a must watch clip of the daily show. I was laughing so hard. It is why if you watch CNBC you have to know how to use the station and not use the station. Cramer is a moran when it comes to practical financial advice. He can have a few decent tidbits of info that come from his mouth on the inner workings of Wall St that can be beneficial. Fast Money is horrid if your looking at what to buy and sell. It is a great recap of the day if you don't know what happened in the stock market.

They take a shot a Rick Santelli for his rant on mortgage owners. To be fair, he has been against most if not all of the Wall St bailouts also. It is not as one sided as they make it appear when it comes to Rick. The butt of the joke should have been centered around Charlie Gasparino.

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