Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jim Cramer Gets Owned on the Daily Show

Finally got around to watching the much anticipated Jim Cramer Daily Show interview. Several days ago Jon Stewart completely tore apart CNBC. I posted the link previously. Well Jim Cramer wanted to come on and respond. Part 1, 2, and 3 are all available for your viewing pleasure. First time I have ever seen Jim Cramer get schooled and put in his place. Part of the reason is, he really doesn't have an argument. Cramer is part of the problem and have speculated more than once that gun that supposedly goes off when we are at a market inflation adjusted bottem is when Mad Money is canceled from the CNBC broadcasting line up. Anyone who actually follows Jim Cramer's stock picks are wanting to lose there money. The only time I have traded off Jim Cramer was literally to go short something he said to go long. Yet, people seem to like to "have fun" when they lose their money and so run to antic jumping Jim Cramer to do it.

I wish I could have read Jim Cramer mind as he was being pounded. I think he realized he bit more off than he could chew fairly quickly. Cramer is like all the other villains in this economic debacle, he just wants to be loved. Greenspan, Bernanke, SEC, Congress, the list goes on, and you can add Cramer don't really want the truth, they really just want to be liked. Being liked is never the way to being heroic. Cramer was in a hurry to cut a deal and get off the Daily Show as he realized this interview was not going to help his likability and drive tv ratings and book sales.

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