Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Heavyweights On CNBC

So yesterday I spent a post bashing CNBC but this morning was the reason I still watch it from time to time. There was some really great conversations with some real financial heavyweights.

Video 1 - PIMCO CEO and CO CIO Mohamed El-Erian

Video 2 - More Mohamed with Tony Crescenzi and James Bianco

Video 3 - The investing legend Mario Gabelli and Mohamed El-Erian. One thing to note is Mario is a long only investor and so would have a bullish bias. Mario is a character. I love listening to him.

Video 4 - Round 2 of Mario vs. Mohamed (sounds like a video game). Mario takes some thinly veiled shots at PIMCO. It's great. This is my favorite of the videos.

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