Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keeping One Eye on The Market

It has been better to just have gone on vacation for a couple of months as the froth works through the markets but I just can't help myself keeping an eye on the markets.

Interesting last couple of days. Sunday Asia was flying and Europe was flying and the U.S. market opened higher and drifted down all day . Today, no surprise (at least for me), great headline Case Schiller index number and then less bad consumer confidence number and the market surges and then slowly sells off all day.

Even more interesting is despite the big up Asia day on Monday China didn't really participate and was down alot last night. Net them together and they are down 1.5% or so for the week. Commodities have also been selling off. Copper did not set a new high last week and sold off hard today. Lumber prices are back to their March lows (what does that say about housing)and oil sold off hard today.

I think this week and maybe next week through next Thursday you will see the peak for the economic data. Not going to fall of the cliff but I don't think it gets any better economically than what you have seen in July and August. The market is priced in much much much better economic data.

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