Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cramer Gets it Right?!?

I don't very often say this but wow...Cramer is actually right. He said it the way it is. I think the market has been broken for months so he may be late to the game but what he said is 100% right. The market is broken. Today was an endless day of bad news. It is downright ridiculous. At the end of the video I don't agree with his view on housing but he is Cramer. I don't expect Cramer being right to become the norm.

What this means for the equity markets I don't know. I mean can you get a contrarian play off of this? Remember when Cramer started going nuts about Bernanke knowing nothing. That was the beginning of a 2 year slide so I don't want to read to much into the video. Just enjoying it for what it was. Overall a very good video with alot of truth.

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