Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Greek Strikes

If your a tax paying German you have to be watching what is going on in Greece causing your blood to boil.

Below are two videos of Greek strikes and protests that basically brought the country to a standstill even as they desperately productivity, not gridlock.

From DW-World.

(I tried briefly to get the video to be embedded but got better use for my time currently. If you want to watch the video you have to click on the link)

The German Spiegel is carrying a similar story with the headline "Berlin Considers Greek Bailout as Union Strikes."

The German government is considering bilateral action to help Athens out of its current financial woes, according to media reports. Meanwhile public sector workers in Greece are striking in protest against new austerity measures.

Just not sure how these strikes play politically. One of the big issues is the drastic cuts the Irish took a year ago in their own crises. They took care of business. You give money to the Greeks when the Irish didn't come with hat in hand?

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