Thursday, February 25, 2010


I blog for me. It is why I don't worry about proof reading and making sure everything flows. It is why I will talk about fundamentals, or trading news, or whatever is on my mind. So today I want to rant.

Historically I have always shied away from claiming the market is being manipulated. This topic is rarely discussed because you are quickly labeled a nut. More and more there is evidence saying otherwise that the discussion is becoming more mainstream. I have no idea but today was ridiculous. You have violent riots in Europe....jobless claims that are surging (oh yeah, "trailing" so it doesn't matter, and bc of snow so we can also discount...shhh they have been moving up for weeks now)....consumer sentiment plummeting (oh yeah, also "trailing" and a "contrarian" indicator - ridiculous) home sales hitting an all time low since 1961 when data was first kept (no one mentions residential investment is ALWAYS leading) and for THREE FREAKING weeks the futures keep getting gunned at various point during the normal trading day and after...i see it every day on my futures trading screen as I personally trade them. The news flow could not have been worse the last three days on every front and world markets are going down while the U.S. markets are essentially flat.

Who knows. Tomorrow is GDP revisions. Possible revision down there. Than in a span of 15 minutes about 5 minutes apart you have Chicago PMI (have no idea what that will say), U Michigan Consumer Sentiment (I would guess that would be down) and existing home sales (which I think will be a big miss). If all of those come in negative, the floodgates may open at least for a day no matter who is trying to manipulate.


themog said...

But didnt u hear apple is going to split 4 to 1??? Next stop dow 1 million. Seriously this is just getting to be a cruel joke. I'm beginning to be absolutely convinced that the market will just keep getting gunned by the PPT every time until one day they just cant throw enough at it and we will eventually have October 87 but even worse.

Market Seer said...

Yeah - until the governmet pops in the government bubble