Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Alaska Trip

Many of you have asked about my Alaska trip and I have promised a post on it. The trip was awesome. The ruggedness of the state is always awe inspiring. It was two weeks and the first half of the trip we rented an rv and drove around up to Denali National Park and then down to Seward. At Denali we took the bus tour (8 hours, 4 hours each way) deep into the park and saw around 10 grizzlies, moose, caribou, sheep, den of foxes, eagles, and rabbits. We also caught about a 2 minute peak of Denali herself (native name for Mt. McKinley) which they hadn't seen for over 2 weeks because of cloud cover. We also did some hiking. We visited the earthquake museum which is all about the 1964 (I think that is the year) earthquake that hit over 9 on the Richter scale that killed thousands, caused massive tsunamis, and caused water levels to change all the way in South Africa. I found that really fascinating. The area around Anchorage is experiencing the wettest coldest summer since records have been kept. As a result it rained every single day. This took some of the life out of the trip.

The second half of the trip was a cruise down the coast line. As we headed south we started seeing the sun which was nice. In Ketchikan I did over 1/2 mile of zip line hundreds of feet in the air from tree to tree. I also stayed up dancing until 3 in the morning every night before heading to the midnight buffet. I love cruises.

The trip was incredible but honestly to long. I decided I just can't be away like that for 2 weeks with limited internet access for the fund (Iwas on the internet most days through my cell phone but still). I need to buy a laptop I guess (which still wouldn't have helped that much on this particular trip). As amazing as the trip was there was something about getting back to Texas. It was awesome to feel hot as I walked to the car from the Austin airport (I was almost always a little cold), eating at taco bell on the drive home from the airport (versus king crab, lobster, steak, escargot, caviar, etc on the ship, I mean you pay for it right? You got to eat it all), and seeing stars (it was almost always daylight this time of year up there 20 hours + and when it was dark usually cloudy). I love traveling but I love my home state.

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