Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Market Manipulation

This was on the zerohedge blog. I have talked about some of the weird stuff going on in futures land and what I thought was market manipulation based on no information other than seeing very abnormal trading behavior. I watch this stuff all the time. I can tell when things don't look normal. You can see my Jam Job post from April. Well this Fox Business News video points to the same thing. At 2 minutes and 30 seconds on this video this said:

“Something strange happened during the last 7 or 8 weeks. Doreen you probably can concur on this -- there was a power underneath the market that kept holding it up and trading the futures. I watch the futures every day and every tick, and a tremendous amount of volume came in a several points during the last few weeks, when the market was just about ready to break and shot right up again. Usually toward the end of the day – it happened a week ago Friday, at 7 minutes to 4 o’clock, almost 100,000 S&P futures contracts were traded, and then in the last 5 minutes, up to 4 o’clock, another 100,000 contracts were traded, and lifted the Dow from being down 18 to up over 44 or 50 points in 7 minutes. That is 10 to 20 billion dollars to be able to move the market in such a way. Who has that kind of money to move this market?

On top of that, the market has rallied up during the stress test uncertainty and moved the bank stocks up, and the bank stocks issues secondary – they issues stock – they raised capital into this rally. It was perfect text book setup of controlling the markets – now that the stock has been issued…”

I am sure this is approved by the full health and backing of the U.S. government.


Claytie said...

hmm....did anyone ever find out where that unaccounted for TARP money went??

Market Seer said...

Ha - yeah, exactly