Monday, May 11, 2009

Microsoft Debt Sell

For the first time in Microsoft's history, Bloomberg is reporting that the company is planning to sell debt. Supposedly the debt is to help fund the repurchase of its equity. I am not sure I totally buy that argument. They have over 25 billion in cash. Now, I am sure that is not all accessible because it is spread all over the world and there would be big tax bills to move back to the U.S. but I wonder if Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates are not making another statement. If this isn't more a global macro call where they think over the next few years interest rates are going to surge and so they are locking in cheap cash now. I have no idea, it could simply be to fund stock repurchases, but Bill Gates is good friends with Warren Buffett and a large capital allocation decision like this shouldn't go unnoticed.

From the article:

Microsoft Corp., taking advantage of its top credit ratings, plans to sell 5-, 10- and 30-year debt, the world’s largest software maker said in a regulatory filing.

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