Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My New Hero

I haven't been following this story all that closely but Indiana has been been throwing a fuss challenging the federal government on how it is handling the Chrysler bankruptcy. Richard Mourdock the state treasurer is leading the charge against staunch political resistance. I have a special fondness for anybody who will go against the grain in pursuit of what is good for the long term versus just the short term feel good impact. Paul Volcker was one of those people. Mario Bartiromo on CNBC did a must see interview with Mr. Mourdock. I have suddenly become much more interested in this topic. On the surface (I don't understand all the issues yet), Mr. Richard Mourdock has become my new hero.

My favorite quote. "The law is the law is the law." Amen. Laws can be wrong, but they need to follow law to change them.


Clayton said...

I just hope they don't find some naked pictures of this guy somewhere on the internet like Miss California! Keep fighting the good fight, Treasurer!

Market Seer said...

Well about getting caught with a lady from the escort world? There will be people gunning for him just like Spitzer.

Clayton said...

Exactly... and there's always the "use his name in the same sentence as Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney over and over" tactic. haha... even if I didn't agree with him, like Maria said it's nice to see people standing up to the powers that be. I believe during the Bush admin that was called patriotism. Enjoying the blog, as always, Kaspar. Haven't told you that in a while.