Monday, June 22, 2009

Short Term Top in Gold?

I am back in the office after being a vagabond for many days. I will have more on that later. First, let's chat about gold. I actually trimmed my position quite a bit in gold a couple of weeks ago. Do I love it just as much long term as I have for the last year? Absolutely!! Little doubt in my mind that within 3 yrs or so we will be above $2000 an ounce but in the short term I think gold may be done. It is to popular. Nothing brings that out better than this story from Dealbreaker. There is now vending machines in Europe where you can buy gold. "Gold to Go" is the marketing slogan. Anyway, I did not sell out of gold, I am a huge gold bull but made a trade to trim the position planning on buying it back a little later.

How many times have you sidled up to a vending machine, selected your candy of choice, popped it in your mouth and thought, "This is really good but you know what would make it better? Another layer of nougat and some gold"? A whole bunch, I'm assuming. You're on your own lobbying the Mars company for that extra inch but Thomas Geissler's got you covered on the g.

Geiss, via his company TG-Gold-Super-Markt, will be rolling out "a substantial number" of gold dispensing machines in Germany, Austria and Switzerland within three months and, if the demand is there, around the world.

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